Ceph disk upgrade procedure

  1. I will use osd.32 in this example
  2. Find your OSD physical device path (/dev/sdxx)
    cephadm ceph-volume lvm list
    Look for devices section next to ====== osd.32 =======
    Mine is /dev/sdaj
  3. Mark OSD for an upgrade as out. Data will be moved off it to other disks in the cluster.
    ceph osd out 32
  4. Remove OSD from cluster.
    ceph orch osd rm 32
  5. Optional: Wipe LVM from the device
    ceph orch device zap [servername] /dev/sdaj --force
  6. Optional: Shred the data on the device
    shred -n0 -vfz /dev/sdaj
  7. Remove the device and insert the new one into the server
  8. Create OSD for new disk
    ceph orch daemon add osd [servername]:data_devices=/dev/sdaj
  9. All done